Words and Phrases

Words and Phrases

UWC … United World College

UWCAC … UWC Atlantic College in Wales, where I will spend the next 2 years

Zero-years … Students who have been accepted into UWC but their schoolyear hasn’t started yet

Second-Years … UWC-students in their second schoolyear at UWC

Co-years … 1. UWC-students from your country OR  2. UWC-students from your academic year

AWW … Auswahlwochenende = selection weekend, second stage of the Austrian application process

IB … International Baccalaureate

CAS … Creativity, Activity, Service

EE … Extended Essay – A 4000 word individual research essay. This can be in a single IB subject or a World Studies essay, analysing an issue of global importance through the lens of two IB subjects. Students complete this important part of the IB core during the second and third terms over the first and second year.

TOK … Theory Of Knowledge – In addition to the six subjects, students must complete a course in Theory of KnowledgeThe course revolves around two key questions: What do we claim to know? How valid are the methods used to justify these claims?

IA … Internal Assessment

INA … International Affairs

MUN … Model United Nations

PW… Projectweek