Welcome to my UWC Atlantic College Adventure!

Hi fellow humans and welcome to this hot mess of a blog. I’m Stella from a small town in Austria, and on Monday, February 12th 2018 at 8:38 pm, I recieved the call that I got into UWC. So, in August of 2018 I started my adventure and flew to Wales to attend UWC Atlantic College.

I initially started this as a UWC blog because I thought writing down my thoughts and sharing my experiences might help keep me somewhat sane since everything felt so surreal at the time. I did end up getting sucked up by the IB and feeling like spending time with my friends was more important than writing up a blog post, but I still hope that one of the few posts I have will help you in some way.☺️

Here’s an excerpt of my very first blog intro: “I plan on sharing stories and pictures on this blog, so when I’m drowning in work for the IB my friends and family will still  have an idea of what I’m up to. But then again, I’ll probably be one of the bloggers who just stops uploading anything because the IB swallowed them (just kidding! not really tho.)”

*cough* self-fulfilling prophecy? *cough*

@future applicants: since I know that all of the UWC blogs helped me so much through my application process, maybe this blog can help you too. As I went through the application process twice (first time I didn’t even get into the final round lol) maybe I have some useful tips for you.
CHECK OUT MY ULTIMATE TIPS FOR THE UWC APPLICATION PROCESS including tips about the written application, interview and group activities HERE

(Quick heads-up: this blog is a messy mix between English and German)


Since I graduated in May 2020, I am now officially an alum of UWC AC! But life goes on, and I thought it would be a waste to not post other things on here if I feel like it. I will be attending college in the US starting August 2021, so I might post some things about that! Feel free to pop by every now and then, and if you have any UWC related questions feel free to contact me via email info@stellaschronicles.com or through the contact form!☺️